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 Rugrats 2008 Playlist #2

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The Braveliest Baby
The Braveliest Baby

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PostSubject: Rugrats 2008 Playlist #2   Mon Mar 31, 2008 4:17 pm

2008 Airplay:

Much of this information comes from viewing the TV Guide online listings.
Here's a link to the Ultimate Rugrats Episode Guide.

2008 Playlist #2:

NTOON Mon, Feb 25 10:00 AM Potty Training Spike; The Art Fair
NTOON Mon, Feb 25 10:30 AM The Alien; Mr. Clean
NTOON Tue, Feb 26 10:00 AM Weaning Tommy; Incident in Aisle 7
NTOON Tue, Feb 26 10:30 AM Touchdown Tommy; The Trial
NTOON Wed, Feb 27 10:00 AM The Seven Voyages of Cynthia; My Friend Barney
NTOON Wed, Feb 27 10:30 AM Crime and Punishment; Baby Maybe
NTOON Thu, Feb 28 10:00 AM Showdown at Teeter-Totter Gulch; Mirrorland
NTOON Thu, Feb 28 10:30 AM Under Chuckie's Bed; Chuckie Is Rich
NTOON Fri, Feb 29 10:00 AM Beauty Contest; Baseball
NTOON Fri, Feb 29 10:30 AM New Kid in Town; Pickles vs. Pickles
SHOWTIME PACKAGE The Rugrats Movie (Playing in March/April on select channels)
NTOON Sat, Mar 1 8:00 AM Toy Palace; Sand Ho!
NTOON Sat, Mar 1 8:30 AM The Wild Wild West; Angelica for a Day
NTOON Sun, Mar 2 8:00 AM Chuckerfly; Angelica's Twin
NTOON Sun, Mar 2 8:30 AM Baking Dil; Hair!
NTOON Mon, Mar 3 10:00 AM In the Dreamtime; The Unfair Pair
NTOON Mon, Mar 3 10:30 AM Rebel Without a Teddy Bear; Angelica the Magnificent
NTOON Tue, Mar 4 10:00 AM Submarine; Chuckie's a Lefty
NTOON Tue, Mar 4 10:30 AM Visitors from Outer Space; The Case of the Missing Rugrat
NTOON Wed, Mar 5 10:00 AM Visiting Aunt Miriam; Fugitive Tommy
NTOON Wed, Mar 5 10:30 AM The Big House; The Shot
NTOON Thu, Mar 6 10:00 AM Hand Me Downs; Angelica's Ballet
NTOON Thu, Mar 6 10:30 AM The Baby Vanishes; Farewell, My Friend
NTOON Fri, Mar 7 10:00 AM Feeding Hubert; Spike the Wonder Dog
NTOON Fri, Mar 7 10:30 AM Chuckie Versus the Potty; Together at Last
NTOON Sat, Mar 8 8:00 AM Man of the House; A Whole New Stu
NTOON Sat, Mar 8 8:30 AM Graham Canyon; Stu Maker's Elves
NTOON Sun, Mar 9 8:00 AM Hiccups; Autumn Leaves
NTOON Sun, Mar 9 8:30 AM Angelica Orders Out; Let It Snow
NTOON Mon, Mar 10 10:00 AM Driving Miss Angelica; Susie vs. Angelica
NTOON Mon, Mar 10 10:30 AM Naked Tommy; Tommy and the Secret Club
NTOON Tue, Mar 11 10:00 AM Grandpa's Bad Bug; Lady Luck
NTOON Tue, Mar 11 10:30 AM Carwash Monster; Heatwave
NTOON Wed, Mar 12 10:00 AM Cradle Attraction; Angelica's Moving Away
NTOON Wed, Mar 12 10:30 AM The Slide; The Big Flush
NTOON Thu, Mar 13 10:00 AM I Remember Melville; No More Cookies
NTOON Thu, Mar 13 10:30 AM The Family Tree
NTOON Fri, Mar 14 10:00 AM Mommy's Little Assets; Chuckie's Wonderful Life
NTOON Fri, Mar 14 10:30 AM Game Show Didi; Toys in the Attic
NTOON Sat, Mar 15 8:00 AM Chuckie's Duckling; A Dog's Life
NTOON Sat, Mar 15 8:30 AM Grandpa Moves Out; Legend of the Satchmo
NTOON Sun, Mar 16 8:00 AM Brothers Are Monsters; Cooking with Susie
NTOON Sun, Mar 16 8:30 AM Superhero Chuckie; The Dog Broomer
NTOON Mon, Mar 17 10:00 AM Destination Moon; Angelica's Birthday
NTOON Mon, Mar 17 10:30 AM He Saw, She Saw; Piggy's Pizza Palace
NTOON Tue, Mar 18 10:00 AM Let There Be Light; The Bank Trick
NTOON Tue, Mar 18 10:30 AM Dummi Bear Dinner Disaster; Twins' Pique
NTOON Wed, Mar 19 10:00 AM Ransom of Cynthia; Turtle Recall
NTOON Wed, Mar 19 10:30 AM Ruthless Tommy; Moose Country
NTOON Thu, Mar 20 10:00 AM The Tricycle Thief; Rhinoceritis
NTOON Thu, Mar 20 10:30 AM Baby-sitting Fluffy; Sleep Trouble
NTOON Fri, Mar 21 10:00 AM Tooth or Dare; Party Animals
NTOON Sat, Mar 22 8:00 AM The Jungle; The Old Country
NTOON Sat, Mar 22 8:30 AM Send In the Clouds; In the Naval
NTOON Sun, Mar 23 8:00 AM No Bones About It; On the Beach
NTOON Sun, Mar 23 8:30 AM Regarding Stuie; Garage Sale
NTOON Mon, Mar 24 10:00 AM Down the Drain; Let Them Eat Cake
NTOON Mon, Mar 24 10:30 AM When Wishes Come True; Angelica Breaks a Leg
NTOON Tue, Mar 25 10:00 AM Circus Angelicus; The Stork
NTOON Tue, Mar 25 10:30 AM Angelica Nose Best; Pirate Light
NTOON Wed, Mar 26 10:00 AM Aunt Miriam; The Inside Story
NTOON Wed, Mar 26 10:30 AM America's Wackiest Home Movies; The 'Lympics
NTOON Thu, Mar 27 10:00 AM Uneasy Rider; Where's Grandpa?
NTOON Thu, Mar 27 10:30 AM The Magic Baby; Dil We Meet Again
NTOON Fri, Mar 28 10:00 AM The Word of the Day; Jonathan Babysits
NTOON Fri, Mar 28 10:30 AM Dust Bunnies; Educating Angelica
NTOON Sat, Mar 29 8:00 AM Princess Angelica; The Odd Couple
NTOON Sat, Mar 29 8:30 AM Angelica's Worst Nightmare; The Mega Diaper Babies
NTOON Sun, Mar 30 8:00 AM Chuckie's Red Hair; Spike Runs Away
NTOON Sun, Mar 30 8:30 AM The Mattress; Looking for Jack
NTOON Mon, Mar 31 10:00 AM Meet the Carmichaels; The Box
NTOON Mon, Mar 31 10:30 AM Angelica's Last Stand; Clan of the Duck
NTOON Tue, Apr 1 10:00 AM Chuckie Loses His Glasses; Chuckie Gets Skunked
NTOON Tue, Apr 1 10:30 AM Tommy's First Birthday
NTOON Wed, Apr 2 10:00 AM A Visit From Lipschitz; What the Big People Do
NTOON Wed, Apr 2 10:30 AM Spike's Babies; Chicken Pops
NTOON Thu, Apr 3 10:00 AM Reptar on Ice; Family Feud
NTOON Thu, Apr 3 10:30 AM Faire Play; The Smell of Success
NTOON Fri, Apr 4 10:00 AM Pedal Pusher; Music
NTOON Fri, Apr 4 10:30 AM Baby Sale; Steve
NTOON Sat, Apr 5 8:00 AM Give and Take; Gold Rush
NTOON Sat, Apr 5 8:30 AM Raising Dil; No Naps
NTOON Sun, Apr 6 8:00 AM Zoo Story; I Do
NTOON Sun, Apr 6 8:30 AM Family Reunion; Grandpa's Date
NTOON Mon, Apr 7 10:00 AM Fluffy vs. Spike; Reptar's Revenge
NTOON Mon, Apr 7 10:30 AM Opposites Attract; The Art Museum
NTOON Tue, Apr 8 10:00 AM Angelica's in Love; Ice Cream Mountain
NTOON Tue, Apr 8 10:30 AM Chuckie's First Haircut; Cool Hand Angelica
NTOON Tue, Apr 8 11:00 AM Chuckie Loses His Glasses; Chuckie Gets Skunked (Played last week) Did not air
NTOON Tue, Apr 8 11:30 AM Cuffed; The Blizzard (RARE episode) Did not air
NTOON Wed, Apr 9 10:00 AM Real or Robots; Special Delivery
NTOON Wed, Apr 9 10:30 AM Journey to the Center...; A Very McNulty Birthday
NTOON Thu, Apr 10 10:00 AM The First Cut; Chuckie Grows
NTOON Thu, Apr 10 10:30 AM Radio Daze; Psycho Angelica
NTOON Fri, Apr 11 10:00 AM The Braveliest Baby; Gimme an A
NTOON Fri, Apr 11 10:30 AM The Last Babysitter; Sour Pickles
NTOON Sat, Apr 12 8:00 AM Baby Commercial; Little Dude
NTOON Sat, Apr 12 8:30 AM Reptar 2010; Stu Gets a Job
NTOON Sun, Apr 13 8:00 AM At the Movies; Slumber Party

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The Braveliest Baby
The Braveliest Baby

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PostSubject: Re: Rugrats 2008 Playlist #2   Mon Mar 31, 2008 4:54 pm

I added some of the last 2007 airings on Nickelodeon (they're in a different thread).

Also, The Rugrats Movie is currently in rotation on the Showtime channels.

Some Airings:

Showtime Family Zone, 3/2/08
Flix, 3/3/08 @ 8:15 AM and 4:30 PM
Showtime Showcase, 3/4/08 @ 2:20 PM and 4:50 AM
Showtime Family Zone, 3/6/08 @ 5:40 PM

They've been showing the movie a lot more than this, into April... I haven't been checking their schedules lately, so I don't know the times. I think I saw them playing another Nicktoon movie, "Barnyard", as well. Surprised
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Rugrats 2008 Playlist #2
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