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 Rugrats 2008 Playlist #1

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The Braveliest Baby
The Braveliest Baby

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PostSubject: Rugrats 2008 Playlist #1   Mon Feb 18, 2008 2:41 pm

2008 Airplay:

Much of this information comes from viewing the TV Guide online listings.
Here's a link to the Ultimate Rugrats Episode Guide.

2008 Playlist #1:

NTOON Mon, Jan 7 10:00 AM Potty Training Spike; The Art Fair
NTOON Mon, Jan 7 10:30 AM The Alien; Mr. Clean
NTOON Tue, Jan 8 10:00 AM Weaning Tommy; Incident in Aisle 7
NTOON Tue, Jan 8 10:30 AM Touchdown Tommy; The Trial
NTOON Wed, Jan 9 10:00 AM The Seven Voyages of Cynthia; My Friend Barney
NTOON Wed, Jan 9 10:30 AM Crime and Punishment; Baby Maybe
NTOON Thu, Jan 10 10:00 AM Showdown at Teeter-Totter Gulch; Mirrorland
NTOON Thu, Jan 10 10:30 AM Under Chuckie's Bed; Chuckie is Rich
NTOON Fri, Jan 11 10:00 AM Beauty Contest; Baseball
NTOON Fri, Jan 11 10:30 AM New Kid in Town; Pickles vs. Pickles
NTOON Sat, Jan 12 8:00 AM Toy Palace; Sand Ho!
NTOON Sat, Jan 12 8:30 AM The Wild, Wild West; Angelica for a Day
NTOON Sun, Jan 13 8:00 AM Chuckerfly; Angelica's Twin
NTOON Sun, Jan 13 8:30 AM Baking Dil; Hair!
NTOON Mon, Jan 14 10:00 AM In the Dreamtime; The Unfair Pair
NTOON Mon, Jan 14 10:30 AM Rebel Without a Teddy Bear; Angelica the Magnificent
NTOON Tue, Jan 15 10:00 AM Submarine; Chuckie's a Lefty
NTOON Tue, Jan 15 10:30 AM Visitors from Outer Space; The Case of the Missing Rugrat
NTOON Wed, Jan 16 10:00 AM Visiting Aunt Miriam; Fugitive Tommy
NTOON Wed, Jan 16 10:30 AM The Big House; The Shot
NTOON Thu, Jan 17 10:00 AM Hand Me Downs; Angelica's Ballet
NTOON Thu, Jan 17 10:30 AM The Baby Vanishes; Farewell, My Friend
NTOON Fri, Jan 18 10:00 AM Feeding Hubert; Spike the Wonder Dog
NTOON Fri, Jan 18 10:30 AM Chuckie Versus the Potty; Together at Last
NTOON Sat, Jan 19 8:00 AM Man of the House; A Whole New Stu
NTOON Sat, Jan 19 8:30 AM Graham Canyon; Stu Maker's Elves
NTOON Sun, Jan 20 8:00 AM Hiccups; Autumn Leaves
NTOON Sun, Jan 20 8:30 AM Angelica Orders Out; Let It Snow
NTOON Mon, Jan 21 10:30 AM Acorn Nuts and Diapey Butts (RARE EPISODE! First time on Nicktoons Network.)
NTOON Tue, Jan 22 10:00 AM Driving Miss Angelica; Susie vs. Angelica
NTOON Tue, Jan 22 10:30 AM Naked Tommy; Tommy and the Secret Club
NTOON Wed, Jan 23 10:00 AM Grandpa's Bad Bug; Lady Luck
NTOON Wed, Jan 23 10:30 AM Carwash Monster; Heatwave
NTOON Thu, Jan 24 10:00 AM Cradle Attraction; Angelica's Moving Away
NTOON Thu, Jan 24 10:30 AM The Slide; The Big Flush
NTOON Fri, Jan 25 10:00 AM I Remember Melville; No More Cookies
NTOON Fri, Jan 25 10:30 AM The Family Tree
NTOON Sat, Jan 26 8:00 AM Mommy's Little Assets; Chuckie's Wonderful Life
NTOON Sat, Jan 26 8:30 AM Game Show Didi; Toys in the Attic
NTOON Sun, Jan 27 8:00 AM Chuckie's Duckling; A Dog's Life
NTOON Sun, Jan 27 8:30 AM Grandpa Moves Out; Legend of the Satchmo
NTOON Mon, Jan 28 10:00 AM Brothers Are Monsters; Cooking with Susie
NTOON Mon, Jan 28 10:30 AM Superhero Chuckie; The Dog Broomer
NTOON Tue, Jan 29 10:00 AM Destination Moon; Angelica's Birthday
NTOON Tue, Jan 29 10:30 AM He Saw, She Saw; Piggy's Pizza Palace
NTOON Wed, Jan 30 10:00 AM Let There Be Light; The Bank Trick
NTOON Wed, Jan 30 10:30 AM Dummi Bear Dinner Disaster; Twins' Pique
NTOON Thu, Jan 31 10:00 AM Ransom of Cynthia; Turtle Recall
NTOON Thu, Jan 31 10:30 AM Ruthless Tommy; Moose Country
NTOON Fri, Feb 1 10:00 AM The Tricycle Thief; Rhinoceritis
NTOON Fri, Feb 1 10:30 AM Baby-sitting Fluffy; Sleep Trouble
NTOON Sat, Feb 2 8:00 AM Tooth or Dare; Party Animals
NTOON Sat, Feb 2 8:30 AM The Jungle; The Old Country
NTOON Sun, Feb 3 8:00 AM Send In the Clouds; In the Naval
NTOON Sun, Feb 3 8:30 AM No Bones About It; On the Beach
NTOON Mon, Feb 4 10:00 AM Regarding Stuie; Garage Sale
NTOON Mon, Feb 4 10:30 AM Down the Drain; Let Them Eat Cake
NTOON Tue, Feb 5 10:00 AM When Wishes Come True; Angelica Breaks a Leg
NTOON Tue, Feb 5 10:30 AM Circus Angelicus; The Stork
NTOON Wed, Feb 6 10:00 AM Angelica Nose Best; Pirate Light
NTOON Wed, Feb 6 10:30 AM Aunt Miriam; The Inside Story
NTOON Thu, Feb 7 10:00 AM America's Wackiest Home Movies; The 'Lympics
NTOON Thu, Feb 7 10:30 AM Uneasy Rider; Where's Grandpa?
NTOON Fri, Feb 8 10:00 AM The Magic Baby; Dil We Meet Again
NTOON Fri, Feb 8 10:30 AM The Word of the Day; Jonathan Babysits
NTOON Sat, Feb 9 8:00 AM Dust Bunnies; Educating Angelica
NTOON Sat, Feb 9 8:30 AM Princess Angelica; The Odd Couple
NTOON Sun, Feb 10 8:00 AM Angelica's Worst Nightmare; The Mega Diaper Babies
NTOON Sun, Feb 10 8:30 AM Chuckie's Red Hair; Spike Runs Away
NTOON Mon, Feb 11 10:00 AM The Mattress; Looking for Jack
NTOON Mon, Feb 11 10:30 AM Meet the Carmichaels; The Box
NTOON Tue, Feb 12 10:00 AM Angelica's Last Stand; Clan of the Duck
NTOON Tue, Feb 12 10:30 AM Chuckie Loses His Glasses; Chuckie Gets Skunked
NTOON Wed, Feb 13 10:00 AM Tommy's First Birthday
NTOON Wed, Feb 13 10:30 AM A Visit From Lipschitz; What the Big People Do
NTOON Thu, Feb 14 10:00 AM Spike's Babies; Chicken Pops
NTOON Thu, Feb 14 10:30 AM Reptar on Ice; Family Feud
NTOON Fri, Feb 15 10:00 AM Faire Play; The Smell of Success
NTOON Fri, Feb 15 10:30 AM Pedal Pusher; Music
NTOON Sat, Feb 16 8:00 AM Baby Sale; Steve
NTOON Sat, Feb 16 8:30 AM Give and Take; Gold Rush
NTOON Sun, Feb 17 8:00 AM Raising Dil; No Naps
NTOON Sun, Feb 17 8:30 AM Zoo Story; I Do
NTOON Mon, Feb 18 10:00 AM Family Reunion; Grandpa's Date
NTOON Mon, Feb 18 10:30 AM Fluffy vs. Spike; Reptar's Revenge
NTOON Tue, Feb 19 10:00 AM Opposites Attract; The Art Museum
NTOON Tue, Feb 19 10:30 AM Angelica's in Love; Ice Cream Mountain
NTOON Wed, Feb 20 10:00 AM Chuckie's First Haircut; Cool Hand Angelica
NTOON Wed, Feb 20 10:30 AM Real or Robots; Special Delivery
NTOON Thu, Feb 21 10:00 AM Journey to the Center of the Basement; A Very McNulty Birthday
NTOON Thu, Feb 21 10:30 AM The First Cut; Chuckie Grows
NTOON Fri, Feb 22 10:00 AM Radio Daze; Psycho Angelica
NTOON Fri, Feb 22 10:30 AM The Braveliest Baby; Gimme an A
NTOON Sat, Feb 23 8:00 AM The Last Babysitter; Sour Pickles
NTOON Sat, Feb 23 8:30 AM Baby Commercial; Little Dude
NTOON Sun, Feb 24 8:00 AM Reptar 2010; Stu Gets a Job
NTOON Sun, Feb 24 8:30 AM At the Movies; Slumber Party

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New Rugrat
New Rugrat

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PostSubject: Rugrats Airplay   Fri Feb 22, 2008 8:05 pm

I don't have NN, but they should definately air all episodes. They should also get season five episodes of SpongeBob, season three episodes of Avatar, and later episodes of FOP, and they should stop overplaying shows with few episodes in rotation.
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The Braveliest Baby
The Braveliest Baby

Posts : 21
Join date : 2008-02-08

PostSubject: Re: Rugrats 2008 Playlist #1   Sat Feb 23, 2008 6:06 am

That's why it would nice if Nick put Rugrats back on the schedule, because they can play pretty much any episode. It kind of looks like Nicktoons Network has chosen certain ones to be in their playlist and, just like with a lot of their other shows, they loop the same ones over and over and it does kind of get old fast.

They should play Book 3 of Avatar for sure, since it airs, what, 4x a day? The first two seasons have been repeated so much... Plus, Nick doesn't play Avatar anyway, unless they're premiering a new one.

I think they should add the later FOP and Sponge episodes, too... but not the current season of each. That way people would have to tune in to Nick to see the most recent ones. Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Rugrats 2008 Playlist #1   

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Rugrats 2008 Playlist #1
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