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 Funimation Channel: Schedule

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PostSubject: Funimation Channel: Schedule   Sun Feb 24, 2008 8:20 pm

For the very few (lucky) people who do get the Funimation Channel as part of their cable package, the schedule is about to receive a major overhaul (it has been so long)... The biggest news is there will be EIGHT new shows joining the lineup and only one leaving (Galaxy Railways). Some existing shows had to be cut down some in order to make room...

New Anime Shows:

- MoonPhase [drama]
- Suzuka [drama]
- Peach Girl [drama]
- Black Cat
- Shingu
- Record of Lodoss War (weekends) [medieval action]
- Ninja Nonsense (once a week) {TV-MA}
- Boogiepop Phantom (once a week) {TV-MA}

Another thing to note in this schedule: weekdays and weekends now have different programming. Weekends are now devoted to marathons and, of course, the weekly movie.

The slate is wiped clean... everything starts at EPISODE 1!


New Schedule - Effective Monday, 3/3/08:


6:00AM Blue Gender
6:30AM Dragon Ball
7:00AM Kodocha
7:30AM MoonPhase
8:00AM Pandalian
8:30AM Peach Girl
9:00AM Spiral
9:30AM Suzuka
10:00AM Kodocha
10:30AM MoonPhase
11:00AM Pandalian
11:30AM Peach Girl
12:00PM Spiral
12:30PM Suzuka
~~ (E/I Block?) ~~
1:00PM Case Closed
1:30PM Fruits Basket
2:00PM Negima
2:30PM Black Cat
3:00PM Shingu
3:30PM MoonPhase
4:00PM Pandalian
4:30PM Peach Girl
5:00PM Spiral
5:30PM Suzuka
6:00PM Hare & Guu
6:30PM Kodocha
7:00PM Pandalian
7:30PM Peach Girl
8:00PM Spiral
8:30PM Suzuka
9:00PM Shingu
9:30PM Black Cat
10:00PM Revolutionary Girl Utena
10:30PM Baki the Grappler
11:00PM Fruits Basket
11:30PM Blue Gender
12:00AM Slayers
12:30AM Negima
1:00AM Dragon Ball
1:30AM Case Closed
2:00AM Black Cat
2:30AM Revolutionary Girl Utena
3:00AM Baki the Grappler
3:30AM Fruits Basket
4:00AM Blue Gender
4:30AM Slayers
5:00AM Negima
5:30AM Kiddy Grade


6:00AM Case Closed / Revolutionary Girl Utena
6:30AM Case Closed / Revolutionary Girl Utena
7:00AM Case Closed / Revolutionary Girl Utena
7:30AM Case Closed / Revolutionary Girl Utena
8:00AM Case Closed / Revolutionary Girl Utena
8:30AM Suzuka / Peach Girl
9:00AM Suzuka / Peach Girl
9:30AM Suzuka / Peach Girl
10:00AM Suzuka / Peach Girl
10:30AM Suzuka / Peach Girl
11:00AM Record of Lodoss War
11:30AM Kodocha / Spiral
12:00PM Kodocha / Spiral
12:30PM Kodocha / Spiral
1:00PM Kodocha / Spiral
1:30PM Kodocha / Spiral
2:00PM Shingu / Pandalian
2:30PM Shingu / Pandalian
3:00PM Shingu / Pandalian
3:30PM Shingu / Pandalian
4:00PM Shingu / Pandalian
4:30PM MOVIE / His & Her Circumstances
5:00PM " / His & Her Circumstances
5:30PM " / His & Her Circumstances
6:00PM " / His & Her Circumstances
6:30PM Record of Lodoss War / His & Her Circumstances
7:00PM MoonPhase / MOVIE
7:30PM MoonPhase / "
8:00PM MoonPhase / "
8:30PM MoonPhase / "
9:00PM MoonPhase / Record of Lodoss War
9:30PM Black Cat / Revolutionary Girl Utena
10:00PM Black Cat / Revolutionary Girl Utena
10:30PM Black Cat / Revolutionary Girl Utena
11:00PM Black Cat / Revolutionary Girl Utena
11:30PM Black Cat / Revolutionary Girl Utena
12:00AM MOVIE / Blue Gender
12:30AM " / Blue Gender
1:00AM " / Blue Gender
1:30AM " / Blue Gender
2:00AM Dragon Ball / Blue Gender
2:30AM Dragon Ball / MOVIE
3:00AM Dragon Ball / "
3:30AM Dragon Ball / "
4:00AM Dragon Ball / "
~~~ (Mature Audiences) ~~~
4:30AM Ninja Nonsense [TV-MA]
5:00AM Boogiepop Phantom [TV-MA]
5:30AM Tenchi Muyo GXP


Old Schedule (for reference):


6:00AM Spiral
6:30AM Fruits Basket
7:00AM Negima
7:30AM Pandalian
8:00AM Baki the Grappler
8:30AM Revolutionary Girl Utena
9:00AM Kiddy Grade
9:30AM Tenchi Muyo GXP
10:00AM Spiral
10:30AM Case Closed
11:00AM Kodocha
11:30AM His & Her Circumstances
12:00PM Hare & Guu
12:30PM Kiddy Grade
1:00PM Blue Gender
1:30PM Tenchi Muyo GXP
2:00PM His & Her Circumstances
2:30PM Hare & Guu
3:00PM Revolutionary Girl Utena
3:30PM Case Closed
4:00PM Fruits Basket
4:30PM Pandalian
5:00PM Kodocha
5:30PM Negima
6:00PM Spiral / MOVIE Sun (2 hr)
6:30PM Case Closed
7:00PM Kodocha
7:30PM Galaxy Railways
8:00PM Revolutionary Girl Utena / MOVIE Sat (2 hr)
8:30PM Dragon Ball
9:00PM Slayers
9:30PM Baki the Grappler
10:00PM His & Her Circumstances
10:30PM Hare & Guu
11:00PM Revolutionary Girl Utena
11:30PM Kiddy Grade
12:00AM Revolutionary Girl Utena / MOVIE Sat (2 hr)
12:30AM Dragon Ball
1:00AM Slayers
1:30AM Baki the Grappler
2:00AM Pandalian
2:30AM Baki the Grappler
3:00AM Kiddy Grade / MOVIE Sun (2 hr)
3:30AM Blue Gender
4:00AM Tenchi Muyo GXP
4:30AM Blue Gender
5:00AM Spiral
5:30AM Negima


MOVIES (for reference):
Note - They run in this loop cycle:

- Project A-Ko
- Project A-Ko 2: Plot of the Daitokuji Financial Group
- Project A-Ko 3 & 4: Cinderella Rhapsody / Final
- Project A-Ko 5 & 6: Versus Battle - Grey Side / Blue Side
- Roujin Z
- Grave of the Fireflies
- Urusei Yatsura 2: Beautiful Dreamer
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Funimation Channel: Schedule
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