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 G4 Dream Schedule

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The Braveliest Baby
The Braveliest Baby

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PostSubject: G4 Dream Schedule   Mon Mar 03, 2008 6:06 pm

G4 Dream Schedule -- Here's my take on a G4 schedule (if I was the programmer)...

Gaming shows are highlighted in red.
Tech shows are highlighted in blue.
Everything else is general entertainment.


9:00a Anime Unleashed
9:30a Classic Cinematech
10:00a Cinematech
10:30a The Lab with Leo Laporte
11:00a The Screen Savers
11:30a "
12:00p Attack of the Show!
12:30p "
1:00p Gamer.tv
1:30p Game Head (NEW Mondays)
2:00p Game Makers (NEW Mondays)
2:30p The Electric Playground (NEW Tuesdays)
3:00p Cinematech (NEW Wednesdays)
3:30p Cheat! (NEW Thursdays)
4:00p X-Play (Previous Ep)
4:30p Reviews on the Run (NEW Fridays)
6:00p Ninja Warrior
6:30p Unbeatable Banzuke
7:00p Attack of the Show! (NEW Weekdays)
7:30p "
8:00p X-Play (NEW Weekdays)
8:30p X-Play
9:00p The Screen Savers (NEW Weekdays)
9:30p "
10:00p The Electric Playground
10:30p Cheat!
11:00p Cinematech: NE (NEW Fridays)
11:30p Classic Filter
12:00a Attack of the Show!
12:30a "
1:00a The Lab with Leo Laporte
1:30a Reviews on the Run
2:00a X-Play
2:30a Game Head
3:00a The Screen Savers
3:30a "
4:00a Game Makers
4:30a Cinematech: NE


9:00a Anime Unleashed
9:30a Anime Unleashed
10:00a Game Makers
10:30a Game Makers
11:00a CNET TV
11:30a Gamer.tv
12:00p Attack of the Show!
12:30p "
1:00p Classic Cheat!
1:30p Unbeatable Banzuke
2:00p Ninja Warrior
2:30p Ninja Warrior
3:00p X-Play
3:30p X-Play
4:00p The Screen Savers
4:30p "
5:00p Cinematech
5:30p Cinematech
6:00p The Electric Playground
6:30p Reviews on the Run
7:00p Attack of the Show!
7:30p "
8:00p Fresh Gear (NEW)
8:30p CNET TV
9:00p Women of Ninja Warrior
9:30p Women of Ninja Warrior
10:00p The Screen Savers
10:30p "
11:00p X-Play
11:30p The Lab with Leo Laporte
12:00a Fresh Gear
12:30a Gamer.tv
1:00a Anime Unleashed
1:30a Anime Unleashed
2:00a Cinematech: Nocturnal Emissions
2:30a Cinematech: Nocturnal Emissions
--= The G4 Vault =--
3:00a Portal
3:30a Judgement Day
4:00a Classic X-Play
4:30a Extended Play

What's new:
Imported from G4TechTV Canada - The Lab with Leo Laporte, Gamer.tv, CNET TV.

Revived Shows:
Game Makers (with new episodes)
The Electric Playground (with new episodes)
Anime Unleashed (with new Anime)
The Screen Savers (with new hosts)
Fresh Gear (weekends, new episodes)

Back from the vault:
Judgement Day [old] (weekends)
Portal [old] (weekends)
Classic Cinematech
Classic Filter
Classic X-Play (weekends)
Classic Cheat! (weekends)
Extended Play [old] (weekends)

What's gone:
COPS - Already on other channels
Cheaters - Already on standard TV
The Man Show - Returns to the Comedy Central vault
Code Monkeys - Let's pretend [Adult Swim] bought it
Arrested Development - Already on a some myTV stations
Wired for Sex - Returns to the vault (it was shown enough times)
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G4 Dream Schedule
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