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 Nicktoons Network - New Bumpers

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The Braveliest Baby
The Braveliest Baby

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PostSubject: Nicktoons Network - New Bumpers   Tue Mar 18, 2008 2:11 am

Nicktoons Network is showing new "We'll be back"/"We're back" bumpers for some of their shows. The ones for Rugrats were changed (I don't really like them but, eh). Here's a description (maybe I'll put up a screenshot in the future)...

"We'll be back": Picture of Tommy, the sticky reads "Something Smells", and the announcer goes something like "Eww, that's one funky smelling diaper. We're taking a break and you can see why!"

"We're back": Picture of Tommy, the sticky reads "Watch at your own risk"(?) and the announcer says "The Rugrats are some of the most ruthless babies around." (or something like that... honestly, I wasn't paying close attention.)


The old bumps (for nostalgia's sake):

"We'll be back" - "The Rugrats will be back faster than you can say 'Rugrats'... five THOUSAND times."

"We're back" - "Hey, you wanna see what your TV set looks like covered in Rugrats? Check this out!"
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Nicktoons Network - New Bumpers
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